Get Up to Speed on Timely and Relevant Torah Ideas

Week 15: Bo — How to Boost Our Confidence

Week 14: Vaeirah — How to Change

Week 13: Shmos — How to Be There for Someone

Week 12: Vayechi — How to Get Out of a Rut

Week 11: Vayigash — Dropping the Resentment

Week 10: Mikeitz — Enjoy the Effort

Week 9: Vayeshev - To Be Thoughtful

Week 8: Vayishlach - Stress Relief

Week 7: Vayeitzei - Being Thankful

Week 6: Toldos - Digging Deep

Week 5: Chayei Sara - Living in The Moment

Week 4: Vayerah - When No One Is Watching

Week 3: Lech Lecha - Love, But On Whose Terms?

Week 2: Noach - Being That Kind of Person

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