What’s the deal with meaningful

connection these days, anyway?


The movies paint dating as fun, romantic, happily ever after, and easy as pie, but let’s get real: it’s often anything but, especially when you throw Covid-19 into the mix.


Whether you’re single as a Pringle, currently dating a NJG/B, or have recently ticked the “it’s complicated” box on your Facebook relationship status tab (go ahead, drown your worries in that pint of double-chocolate Haagen Dazs, we won’t judge), we can all agree that relationships are not quite as magical as Disney makes them out to be.


That’s why we’ve asked Miriam Lipskier, relationship expert and co-founder of Chabad at Emory University, to join us for a no-holds-barred Zoom session this December 16th to discuss the Jewish perspective on dating and relationships.


This Chanukah, we’ll be delving deep into the big questions:


Did the girls from Fiddler on the Roof have it right all along? Is the matchmaking system really where it’s at? (The short answer: no, this event won’t end with you calling Yente in a panic.)

What’s the “swipe right” culture actually all about?

How do you know when you’ve met The One?

Are long-term relationships still a thing? If yes, how can couples continue dating consciously?


We’ll be partnering with fourteen other Jewish grad student groups for this event, so come prepared to meet and mingle with other fabulous young Jews who have the same burning questions you do.


This isn’t a turn-your-camera-off, mute-your-mic event; pull on a sharp outfit, break out the wine glasses, and get ready for an epic night in. This is your chance to meet Jewish singles (or talk frankly with other couples), global pandemic notwithstanding.


Who knows—maybe you’ll even meet The One!


Wednesday, December 16th at 8pm EST |  7 pm CST


Participating groups:

JGrads Pittsburgh | JGrads St Louis | Chabad of Cornell University | Chabad at EmoryChabad at Tulane Grads | Chabad of Kingston Grads | Chabad at NSU Grads | JGrads CMUJ Grad @ FAU & Lynn | JGrad at SU | JGrads Vanderbilt | JGrads Penn StateChabad at UC | University Heights Chabad


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