Chabad of the Central West End

Chabad Central West End is a hub of Jewish engagement serving people who live, work, and study in the CWE, as well as young Jewish adults across the greater STL area. Our mission is to foster meaningful, personal connection to the Jewish community and to Jewish heritage. 


We envision a grassroots culture of rich Jewish life, where participants not only get involved themselves, but help create Jewish opportunities for their friends and families. This generates a ripple effect, contributing exponentially to the continuity, vibrance, and growth of the Jewish community in St. Louis. 



Chabad of CWE is inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and his guiding principles of: 

Ahavat Yisrael: We believe in unconditional love for every Jew. Regardless of your beliefs, affiliation, or level of observance, we’re here to be a part of your Jewish journey. 

Practical Relevance: The Torah and Mitzvot are ancient, but they are timeless. We believe that their message is as relevant today as ever, serving as a practical guide for every aspect of life, even in the digital era.

One Mitzvah at a Time: Whether you consider yourself more observant, less observant, or not observant at all, our motto is, “Do a mitzvah”—because every good deed has infinite value and makes the world a better place.


Who We Serve

We’re here for every single Jew we can help, with a focus on: 

  • Shabbat and holiday experience, adult education, and lifecycle events for couples, individuals and families who live in the Central West End
  • Programming and networking for the community of Young Adults and graduate students across the St. Louis area
  • Serving nearby medical centers, including Barnes Jewish Hospitals and the Saint Louis University Hospital, by engaging Jewish medical staff and providing pastoral care for patients and their families.


Yossi, a Mancunian, grew up fascinated and greatly influenced by the stories of his immediate ancestors' life sacrifices for Judaism in the early 20th century in Czarist and Soviet Russia and then later in Germany, France and Israel. Enjoys deep conversations and is curious about people and life in general.

Goldie hails from Montreal, Canada, where her family has been instrumental in building, sustaining & expanding Jewish life and education. Loves keepin’ it real and good kitchen hacks. In between playing ‘Mommy’, she directs Chabad of the CWE and all its executive functions. Warning: likes to keep her freshly baked goods in the freezer.  

The Abensons have made the fast growing Central West End their home, establishing a permanent Chabad center to build a vibrant Jewish community .    

The Central West End

The Central West End, named as one of America’s Top 10 Neighborhoods, features an exciting mix of entertainment, shopping and nightlife. This urban oasis in St. Louis attracts creative spirits, young professionals, empty nesters, and families in search of active city life. Home to the Washington University School of Medicine, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Cortex and Forest Park — the nation’s seventh-largest urban park — the growing neighborhood has recently seen a lot of development in commercial and residential revival of historic homes and buildings alongside modern skyscrapers.

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